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Technology and Our Youth

Times have changed, and technology has been a crucial part of this. The way technology has established itself in society has generated substantial variations in the way people live their lives. Without a doubt, the youth population has been influenced the most. This group has acquired innate skills to handle such instruments over the years.

According to a study performed by UNICEF, the youth are the most connected group around the world. They represent one of every three users on the internet. This impressive statistic supports the idea that technology has permeated many positive aspects of every life at a global level. However, there is still the latent fear of the dangers it can bring, such as inappropriate content, abuse, cyberbullying, and even addiction. Dangers that society must vigorously battle back.

Even when it is a valid concern to parents, Unicef considers that youth and teens are not addicted to technology, and adopting such a term may be counterproductive.

Usage of technological tools can have a positive impact. In daily life, they help "enlarge the future possibilities of a better world" for youth. Specialized tools also reinforce interpersonal relationships while promoting wellness. They are also channels to "establish friendship and get the social support online they do not receive in other places."

Benefits may even transfer to a more transcendent scope, such as education. "Digital technology has a huge potential to enlarge education range and to improve its quality," helping to bring teaching to the most remote places in third world countries. It has also helped enlarge the access to educative content that might strengthen learning as a child's motivation is their continuous curiosity.

Teachers are now required to understand that today, kids' stimulus and attention span differ significantly from prior years. As a result, we continue to need "a deep renovation of schools, changing roles, changing attitudes, and a wiser vision regarding the possibilities of kids" in this new era.

At Tierra & Friends, we know the vast power technology has. We understand it is vital for today's learning processes. The best way to combine these elements is to generate access to quality resources and do so in a monitored manner. Understanding the need for a fun, interactive, and movement-based approach in in-person programs is now more critical than ever.

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